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It's a "sort-of" walstadt tank, heavily planted but running a small filter for insurance . I've got some small schooling fish (mostly danios) but trying to develop the shrimp carpet, and am really frustrated as this is the third mass death event.

The first two were clearly precipitated by water changes in the past, for that reason we've been very carefully monitoring water parameters (NH3/NH4, GH, PH) and doing fewer/smaller changes.

Today, I removed about 1-2L of water from the tank so I could separate out some baby fish, then I added the SAME water back in, and within a few minutes three of my shrimpies (RCS) were on their backs twitching, all very close to each other in one corner of the tank. No water change!

Help me, friends, I feel like a terrible shrimp parent. A couple of theories:
  1. The bucket I used to hold the water before adding it back into the tank is **** and leeching plastic. But then why would it affect only a few shrimp, all localized in one area of the tank? Or is that just a coincidence?
  2. Am battling hydras also. Is it possible the agitation of the water being poured back in caused the shrimp to knock up against a hydra and get stung?
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