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ShrimpFever Canada to US

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Is it ok to order from Shrimp Fever in Canada to US or would it take to long to go through customs for the shrimp? Anybody with experience with this would be great! I kinda need to order tonight or else my order wouldn't ship until next week so a quick response will help! Thanks!:smile2:
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Nope. You can take a risk and do it illegally(Not recommended), or pay import and customs fee which is the legal way.
I used to mail things to Canada,and sometimes packages can get held up in customs for up to a month.I wouldn't want to chance that with anything living.
As long as you have the proper paperwork, it is fine to import them.

Otherwise, do not risk getting black listed and/or being visited by custom officials.
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They have some awesome inventory but I wouldn't risk it. With my luck my package would be one of the ones selected to sit there 5 days as they take their time going through every little detail. They also mention in their FAQ that they do not cover anything in regards to DOA because of customs.

I might take a ride up there some day to purchase. Until then... I like places like Buy Freshwater Aquarium Shrimp For Sale - Elite Inverts
Ok, I will find a breeder in USA thanks!
Yeah it is not legal the way they do it. It went 4 days in the mail to me and the fish were in horrible conddtion (Ick covered and many DOA), and the shrimp were sketchy. Refused to refund only reship (for $45 shipping) so had to start a Paypal claim. Would not reccomend them, their prices and pictures look good but you get what you pay for!
Copy and paste from other thread....

Sounds like you want to order from one of these two people....

Lucas offers a "skrittles" mix
Colorful Mixes of Freshwater Shrimp | L.R.Bretz Aquatics

And Grant can easily put together a mix and give some sort of discount, too... just contact him directly
I had a marvelous experience with them, but I live in Canada. My carbon rili's were beautiful and vibrant. I only have 4 out of 6 left, because my mystery snail decided it like the taste of shrimp better than algae. Expensive little snack.

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Mysteries do not eat live shrimp. Dead shrimp, yes.
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