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Trying a little experimental webcam for my 10 gallon Cherry Shrimp colony.


It has been running for about 3 months and I am on my second set of berried females.

Bare bottom tank with potted plants. Sand capped topsoil in the pots. Some pots are gravel capped topsoil.

Plants are java ferns, cabomba caroliniana, duckweed and some sort of aponogeton... Maybe crispus, and some riccia fluitans that hitched a ride in.

The plants rotate to my large tank where they grow algae. Then rotate back here for cleaning.

Filter is a simple HOB.
2 12w CF for lighting.

Sharing this tank are 2 Nerite snails and a big old Ramshead snail.

I eventually want to give ADA aquasoil a try, as it seems quite popular with planted shrimp tanks.


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