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shrimp thoughts

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Im redoing the basment and once Im finished Im moving the 55g into a 125g tank which will just be a low light tank. Then I plan to use the T5 for the 55g and hang it over a 30 and 15g shrimp tank.

How does this sound

cherries & greens maybe one day CRS's
Eco complete
sponge filter

tigers and blues [or should I do white cherries?]
spong filter

crypts, different moss, smaller swords, ferns and other unneedy plants. Both will also have bog wood

Tank mates:
-Galaxy rasboras and BN's
-I would also get two different species of dwarf crays. One for each tank

Otherwise would anything besides the CRS & tigers, Cherries and Blue/white interbreed. Becuse the other thing I was thinking was using just the 55g instead of the two tanks side-by-side. Of course its then a bigger space and taller tank but also less variety as with 2 tanks.
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