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Shrimp substrate ph questions

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So this is my first post on here. I started a 40B about a month and 2 weeks ago. I've used the DSM on DHG, AR mini and dwarf baby tears. I plan to make this a shrimp only tank and to keep crystal reds and maybe a variety of blue neos down the line. My problem that I've encountered 2 weeks before I flood the tank, is that I didn't do enough research on substrate for shrimp an I went with seachem flourite black sand. Which is good for a planted tank but has no ph buffering properties. Products like "ada Amazonia" and "sl aqua natures soil" buffer the ph to be perfect for shrimp especially the ones I'd like to keep, however I am too far along with my dsm to change the substrate out and restart. Is there any kind of ph buffer I could add/ lace my existing substrate with. Any help is appreciated will also post pics of the scape


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CRS can adapt and thrive in a higher ph . The key is stability .
So I should just wait until I fill and see what the ph hangs around and as longe as it's within range then my goal is to just keep it stable? I will also be using co2 am wondering how that will affect the stability.
Will you be using RO/DI water remineralized with a GH+ booster only?

You may be able to find breeders who keep crystals in higher pH water, however you are better off trying to adjust your tank parameters to crystals rather than trying to adjust crystals to your tank parameters if they are not "ideal" for crystals.

You could put a layer of buffering substrate on top *OR* consider a modified hang on breeding box that uses a pump to push water through the box. Fill the breeding box with substrate and this can buffer the water lower pH levels. Whenever the pH starts to rise, just replace with new buffering soil inside the breeding box. The SL-Aqua soil may be ideal here since it releases minute amounts of ammonia. ADA soil would need to be "cycled" in a bucket prior to adding it to the breeding box, otherwise it may release too much ammonia within the tank.
Thanks for the great reply @zoidburg! I do pan on using RO/DI water with the gh booster as of which kind I'm not sure yet. However that's about as much as I know with the remineralization of the water. You said if that was all that id be using any other suggestions?
And the hang on breeder box is a great Idea I just bought a finnex hang on box for my baby cichlids that would work perfect for what you mention
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