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Shrimp Shipping Question

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Now I've read up on how to shrimp and all, but I'm curious how they physically ship the shrimp... I want to start selling off my RCS, but need some advice

I have Kordon Breather Bags, picked up some styrofoam to line the boxes, but I just don't know which box to use to ship...

Do you use priority mail so it arrives in 2-3 days? If so, which size box do you ship with, small or medium? I figured medium would be too big for like 10 shrimp

Are there other options to ship besides priority? I was thinking of possibly using a 6x6x6 box, but am wondering since it's not priority, how long it will actually take to get there and if they shrimp will actually survive? Also, I'm wondering if this might not be the best shipping method, but would like other's input
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i use the 7 x 7 priority box, you can use any delivery server out there ( fedex, ups, po) its up to you. if you post office you can do priority or express. express is not always next day though. i myself dont use breather bags i use polly bags with air. i just dont like breathers they are a pain for me.
OK, now for the people who use the 7x7 box (I've seen those and it's crossed my mind), whats the average shipping cost to ship it? Do you ship by weight then from zipcode to zipcode since these aren't the flat rate boxes?

Sorry for the onslaught of questions :)
All of this info is on\

Price will vary depending on weight, insurance, DC, signature confirmation, etc. Straight up Priority with no additional services is going to run $5-7 for the first lb. It goes up minimally per pound after that. Additional services are additional:)
Most people that buy shrimp on this site expect to pay $12-15 for shipping. That covers the shipping and cost of shipping material. That gets them USPS Flat rate medium and seems to do well to get most packages to the buyer withing 2-3 days anywhere in the country. Doesn't matter what service you deal with, there will always be hiccups that you can't control. Just package the shrimp best you can and hope for the best. I'd venture to say, 98% of the time it turns out just fine.

I think that you'll find that the cost to ship other than flat rate will save you a minimum amount of money, but then you have to source your own boxes. For some that's not a big deal, but when you have to pay for them, that eats into your profit. Flat rate boxes are free.
Lots of boxes are free from the USPS, including the 7x7 boxes...they don't have to be Flat Rate to be free. Again, all of this is easily found on USPS online.

Page 4 is where the 7x7 boxes are which is what I get shrimp shipped in. They aren't flat rate and they are free.

Those using FLAT RATE shipping are ripping off themselves and their customers. I cringe every time I see it. IF you think you are saving aren't. Sure, if you're mailing ROCKS or something heavy, yes....shrimp and plants?? No. Go buy a scale at Walmart for under $15 and start saving you and your customers money. I'm a power seller on Ebay and been doing this a LONG time (not with shrimp, with other merch) and I rarely, if ever, use flat rate shipping. It's a ripoff 9 times out of 10.
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I agree. If not for the 2-3 day guarantee, oh it hardly ever is exactly what is estimated, nor guaranteed by usps, you are better off paying for exact postage with priority postage. Not first-class... It's more work but the cost is more reasonable.

The exception to the rule is using express next day if you are shipping tibees or something sensitive. For that stuff I'd use Fedex or ups over usps.
Oh, and for those using Priority mail know that it's not a guaranteed service. The only guaranteed service is Express. Priority is estimated to arrive in 2-3 days but again, not guaranteed. I've had Priority packages take over 2 weeks to arrive at their destination. It's rare but it happens...and not a darn thing you can do about it. With Express Guaranteed you can get your shipping fees back if it's not there on time.
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