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Yellow shrimp ............... 10+2 for $30 shipped (+ $1.75 each after the first 10)
CRS grade S ................. 15+2 for $45 shipped (+ $3.75 each after the first 15) Pending
Tangerine Tiger .............. 8+2 for $65 shipped (+ $7 each after the first 8)

Add $20 for Express shipping.
Add $1.50 for a 72 hour heat pack
Extra shipping costs or deductions may be associated with large orders. Please inquire.
I'm also open to shrimp trades.

(Colors are slightly off on the pictures. They look OK on one of my computers, but strange on the one I'm posting from. Will fix later... maybe :))

You need shrimp!

Live arrival guarantee applies to Priority shipping for Neocaridina sp. and plants only. Other species require Express shipping for DOA refunds. Valid only on the first delivery attempt; within 2 hours of arrival, and with a clear photo of dead livestock/plants in their original, unopened breather bags. Refunds do not include shipping costs.

Please mind your weather. I prefer not to ship in
extreme heat/cold. Shipping will be Mon-Wed.

Thanks for looking. PM me for any questions.
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