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Shrimp "refugium"

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I am setting up a 215 gallon planted tank, which was origianlly designed as a reef tank. I have a 35 gallon sump i was thinking of setting up as a refugium w/ plants on a reverse light cycle to the main tank.

My question, is, in saltwater, small critters we want in our main tanks are usually sucked out of the refugium in their juvenile/larval state (copepods, amphipods) and dont recieve much damage from the filter, if any. sure, every now and again, one will die, but enough make it through to enhance the display.

So.. if I set up a system where the adult shrimp are isolated, but the newborns can make it past the isolation barrier, say, a baffle, what are my chances that they will make it through the return pump and into the display tank intact enough to grow to maturity?

I am trying to figure this out, obviously because i like invertebrates, but i am going to be keeping fish that will emjoy having shrimp to graze on. I don't really care if they get some, or most in the display, as long as some survive. The display will be heavily planted, foreground will have huge patches of micro-sword.

I am hoping enough shrimp will survive in the display i don't have to worry about a refugium methedology, though i am not opposed to setting one up if it will work.

OH, my planned stocking list is the usual suspects cory cats, britsle noze, ottos, etc... primary fish will be discus. and at some point, I might risk putting in a bichir, though it might mean the end of the ottos, i suspect it would decimate the shrimp population... but, every bichir i have had before seemed to love ghost shrimp, so i was thinking, if i put in smaller cherrie shrimps in the fuge, and ghosts in the display, the ghosts would be the preferential food for the bichir since they are larger and slower...

anyhow, thanks for the advice up front!
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1) You won't need a reverse light cycle to keep anything stable. A planted tank simply doesn't need it.

2) Shrimp WILL die. You might get one or two making it through, but it's not going to be a good method to use. I'd just setup the 35 gallon tank as a separate shrimp tank and then net a bunch over to the main tank when the shrimp grow-out is overpopulated.
A lot of shrimp would die. Probbably 70 percent. You could try it though.
Thanks guys!

I expect that shrimp will eventually end up in the sump anyhow, so the experiement will probably happen whether i want it to or not. infact, they will probably end up in the overflows as well. something to think about.

I had been thinking about putting another tank under the stand for growing out shrimp, I allready have a couple older tanks that would fit the bill.

oh, and as far as reversing the lighting cycle, i had heard of people doing this to stabalize PH and O2 levels when injecting CO2 at night. but as i will be putting a PH controller on the CO2 system, it's not neccissary, at all, and will save me some money.

Infact, I allready have the perfect light for a grow out tank... i may start it up before i even start the 215.

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Put the CO2 system on a solenoid so it closes at night. You can also run an airstone to boost O2 levels at night also. No need for a reverse light cycle. :)
If you put a pre-filter sponge on the return pump in the sump, you will have a greater chance of survivability. Depending on the size of the holes in the pre-filter sponge, some very tiny shrimplets may be able to make it through the maze of holessponge in the , get sucked up into the pump, then into the main tank.
thanks guys. appreciate your input!
What I'm really hearing is, how can I set up another tank without my significant other knowing about it :)
your shrimplets would not have enough food to grow to any decent size in your fuge/display. You would need green water right? A separate tank would be a better solution I think.
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