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Shrimp recommendations

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I have some amano and red cherry shrimp in my heavily planted 40B with assorted fish. They seem to be doing fine. Want to add a different color but based on my reading, realize that I cannot add other Neocardinia species as they will interbreed.

So what other species can I try for different color. Was looking at crystal red and black but reading that they need perfect water conditions and acidic pH (my pH is 8.0). Any suggestions?
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I would just get the colors you like and add them to the tank you already have. Based on your water parameters (which are on the edge already for Neos) and the fact that you don't want to have a shrimp only tank, you're really not left with much for options. Given that your existing shrimp are in a planted tank with assorted fish, you'll have some losses due to predators. What are you really out if they somehow manage to interbreed? The likelihood of a large and thriving/growing shrimp colony with the setup you have seems marginal. I'd just add the cool colors that you enjoy watching and go from there.
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