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Long time since an update so here goes:

I took down one of the 3G longs and restarted it. As of now, it's just mini x-mas moss in there while I think about what I'm gonna do with it. The TT tank has slowed down a bit, maybe it's the winter season? CRS/CBS is my current favorite. Things look to be going okay, but yet to see vigorous breeding happen:p The 20G long has maybe 5-8 berried females at one time, which is nice:)

Quick Pictures:
20G Long:


Restarted 3G:

TT 3G:

3G Shelf Layout:

The prime and glass bottle are filled with water mixed with safe guard concentrated a bit if I ever need to get rid of some flatworms/etc. in a hurry.
61 - 62 of 62 Posts
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