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shrimp question

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Can cherry red shrimp breed with amano shrimp? Also is there any bad affects if I have both in the same tank? And if they can co-exist or not?
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Can cherry red shrimp breed with amano shrimp? Nope

Also is there any bad affects if I have both in the same tank? Nope

And if they can co-exist or not? Yes they can

Most people will have them together because they are one of the few type of shrimps that RCS will not breed with. Also, it is pretty hard to get amano's to breed but some here are attempting to at the moment
Kunerd is correct. Cherry Shrimp (Neocaridina heteropda) will not cross breed with Amano Shrimp (Caridina multidentata). The only issue I have ever experienced with these shrimp living together is the Amano Shrimp are a little more aggressive feeders and will take an entire pellet of food, while cherries will share a pellet. Not a big problem at all, just an observation.
Thanks for the replies :). I read that Amano need brackish water to grow it's young? Also I don't believe Amano has a larvae stage, but hatches mini amanos instead?

I have two more question, can crystal red shrimp or crystal black breed with either of the two?

And, can crystal red breed with crystal black?
Not to steal the thread, but what about mixing glass shrimp with RCS? Same questions.
Amano Shrimp need full strength salt water (some say brackish, but that has never worked for me) for the LARVA to grow to small shrimp.

Crystal Red and Black shrimp are the same species. The Red is a recessive gene. Crystal Red Shrimp (or black, also known as Bee Shrimp in the US) will not cross breed with Amano Shrimp or Cherry Shrimp.
Glass Shrimp (a very broad name that can represent many different species) if you are referring to the American Glass Shrimp (Palaemonetes paludosus), it will not cross breed with any of the above mentioned shrimp. To make this an easier discursion, please see my Dwarf Shrimp Compatibility Chart, it should answer all these questions.
I heard of larva stage with shrimp that affect fish? Or was that something else, but my tank is an all shrimp tank.
The only effect a larval shrimp will have on fish is a fattening effect. The shrimp larva will certainly get eaten by the fish.
O okay lol. :)

As to get anymore shrimp questions out of the way... but anyway you can get a albino chery red shrimp or a all white one, like in a color strain? Seeing this is how a crystal red shrimp came to be from a bee shrimp?
Well the crystal red shrimp is not an albino at all. The bee shrimp has white in it naturally. The crystal red is a red mutation of the bee shrimp, just as the cherry shrimp is a red mutation of the Neocaridina heteropoda.

The all white version of a crystal red shrimp is not an albino either. It is selectively bred from crystal red shrimp that have a lot of natural white until they shrimp is all white.

I am unsure of what an albino shrimp would look like, as albino is lack of pigmentation, so it may just be a clear shrimp with red eyes??? I don't know that they exist.
Anyway to get the lowest grade crystal red shrimp, and select breed it to the highest? I believe SSS or S or A I think it was?
Sure there is a way to do it. It is called selective breeding. But, it will take a VERY VERY long time to do so.
can i put a co2 set up in my crystal red shrimp tank??
nice hijack :p jk

try not to bring up new threads, and just do a search on the forum.or make a new thread.

anyways the awnser is yes you can
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