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Shrimp never move. Am I doing something wrong?

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So I purchased some red cherry shrimp for my 20 gallon and my 4 gallon planted aquariums. The plan was to have something interesting and colorful to watch.

Well they don't move ever. They graze away on a particular leaf or rock and just stay that way. I've never ever seen one swim around or even walk at a fast pace. Last time I had my water tested Ammonia and Nitrites were 0 Nitrates were at the low end. PH is 6 and KH was 2 (can't remember that one well). No deaths good color, is this normal behavior for cherries?

Tank mates are cories and ember tetras with one platy in the mix. None of them seem to even notice the shrimp.

Any advice or tips are appreciated.
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How many shrimp u got? They get a lot active when there's 20 or more.
Do you have RCS or CRS ? That PH is a little low for RCS, but it can and has been done.
They are likely stressed by the ph. They normally would be all over the tank everywhere.
Also consider how much you're feeding them. Over fed shrimp tend to be very slow, lazy shrimp and it's incredibly easy to over feed.

I cut my orange shrimp back to being fed only every other day and their activity level jumped dramatically now that they're having to actually go *looking* for food.
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