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Shrimp Nano Tank plans

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I've been keeping fish for over 10 years and recently have been addicted to shrimp. However the last few years I have transitioned over to the salty side. I actually only have 1 planted tank left up but it is 90 gallons and back home. So I decided recently to finally plan out a FW shrimp tank. I have a dry Fluval Spec 2 gallon and am considering that however I am still debating on size. I would like to know what are the recent updates in planted tanks before I start planning.
Here's my general outline
-Tank size: Fluval Spec 2G or larger?
-Substrate: ADA Soil mostly likely
-Filtration: If I keep the Fluval I'll figure out something in the rear chamber, if a new tank I may go unfiltered? Is this an ok option? I would be doing water changes weekly or bi-weekly
-Lightning: Unknown, Help :p
-Heater: Likely none, my room stays stable between 76-78
-CO2: Necessary? If so what systems are recommended?
-Inhabitants: Shrimp!!! :)
-Plants: Unknown

Looking forward to get some experienced feedback! Thanks guys!
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I think the 2G would look cool in a dorm - on a desk or dresser - but bigger might be better, say like 8ish gallons. 10 g max. I really like my Ebi, but I know opinions differ quite a bit on that tank.

You could do some really bright + colorful Neos, especially if you are new to shrimp. Although, I started straight out with CRS...I have lost some, but I didn't want to set up a tank with shrimp I didn't love starting out - and I didn't love anything but CRS at first.

Good luck!
My first planted tank was a 5.5 shrimp tank. My lighting was cheap clamp on light with compact fluorescent 6500k and grows all kinds of stuff just started dwarf hair grass I have drawf sag and java moss few stem plants that will be pulled to move tanks getting too big. Started off with 4 red cherry shrimp now have well over 50. I use aqua clear 20 as filter That is just my set up i will try to post pictures up later just for you to get ideas but i found kiss (keep it simple stupid) works great f.y.i ...i would find a nice led light from ikea or a simple clamp on light but people on here will help you out little better then me just look around on here and you will get great ideas
Well I have had planted tanks in the past but only 29 and 90 gallon tanks, the 90 gallon is still up. However my planted tank is nothing like some of the aquascaped tanks I've seen across the web!

I'm pretty stuck between using the Spec and getting a new tank. One of the bummers for the Spec is that the stock light burned out back when it was a Pico reef and its replacement is Actinic/White split and being used on another project so it would require a new light. Depending on how much the light will run me I may pick up a new 5G nano or try something new.

I was almost sold when I saw the Mr Aqua 12G long, but I don't have a 36 inch long surface :(
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