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shrimp love guppy grass

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I put some guppy grass in the tank and the shrimp jumped right on it. about 30 painted reds in less than 30 seconds. what do you think the attraction is? im thinking possibly algae that i cant see. its a fully planted tank already. it was nice to watch this.
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Cleaning the plant of stuffs. They do this anytime you put something new in a tank, even your finger if you leave it there long enough.
guppy grass is awesome for shrimp tank. grows very fast, sucks up great amount of bad stuff :D Half of my fire red tanks were filled with guppy grass jungle. sold all off recently though
HAHA I was about to thin some of mine today cause it's getting out of control. Then again, I have a pregnant female in there so I don't want to thin too much since it definitely seems to be a good hiding 'jungle' for them. It seems that it doesn't do much for a while and then suddenly there's a massive growth spurt and it goes everywhere.
I have them in some of my shrimp tanks. They are great, undemanding, survive almost any lighting. Only problem is -- when you need to net the shrimps and there are baby shrimps in the tank. You can't remove these guppy grass without running the risk of losing some baby shrimps.
How do you think guppy grass compares with java moss? In terms of harboring microfauna/biofilm/growth rate?
I think moss is still the best with its tiny leaves. However, guppy grass is a welcome addition to a tank that has nothing but moss. one major advantage of guppy grass compared to moss is that it roots into the substrates, so it helps "clean" the substrates a bit too.
Spixi snails love guppy grass.... for lunch.:icon_cry:
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