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Hello guys
Im new to shrimp keeping
I am keeping bloody mary shrimp for a month

i lost so many of them now,
I have my tank in 54litres
Temp 28C
Tds 190-220
Gh 6
Kh 1
I put moss like java moss, marimo , frogbits and salvinia to removes nitrates
I tested my ammonia and it turns out 0.10 ppm ( around that)
(Its slightly green and yelowish?)
Should i buy salty shrimp kh+ to reach my kh?

Can anyone explain why my shrimp keeps dying?
I found some of them dying even without any reasons ( no white ring )

i found them often to be like shocking and jumping like shock? Why is that happen?

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Can you lower the tank temperature to 20-23 C?

If there's a heater, remove it.

Can you raise the GH to about 8?

Ammonia should be at 0
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