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shrimp in canada?

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in in hamilton ontario, shipped or lps? any one know of any good sources?

thanks, jordan.:biggrin:
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try Largest online sales / service site for the live aquarium plants community. they have a distrubutor in canada and they almost always have cherries. Rain Forest Pet Spectrum Ltd. here is the shrimp page they are located in vancouver seem a bit pricy but if you want quality its here, you have to call for price i got a quote of 35 dollars for bee / crs. good luck !

EDIT: :eek: they sell ADA stuff no freaking way amazonia and other substraite sick now i have to order from there i wonder how much it costs? is not even wetting my taste buds lol rain forest is ... but do they ship to air port? or even to canada?
yes they ship to canada they are in canada vancouver actually ! i was going to order from them to toronto and they said it would work but you'd need pryority mail and a warm spring day and alot of money. have you tried asking your lfs ? i tried at pj's pets the guy could get cherries, bee, amano, crs, and many more for about 12 dollars each and you needed to order 35 or something but if you ask the worst that can happen is them to say they can only get amano.
I'm sure you've already tried, but what about the Big Al's in Hamilton?
lol ba in hamilton , it sounds so familiar ! i tried not mentioning it but my manager wont order cherry or tiger or anything but amano ! yes i work there.
we had them in once before but the manager was in africa :) ahha we ordered them n e ways , but at that time i couldint have shrimp with SUNCATS! lol

jordan that works in hamilton big als.
I bought six cherries when they were in there a few months ago!
lol john, james ordered those in and larry freaked when he got back! it wont happen for awhile , amano shrimp whent on sale today for 2/1.99 for i got 16? i now have a total of 26 amanos .... but now i need to find colorful shrimp!:icon_mrgr
I have ordered twice from They were well packed in coolers and very red. Still are very red :smile: There were also some extras thrown in when I ordered. I would recommend them...have to ask about shipping in winter though....not all places will do that.
They have everything on the site but shrimp and the prices????
yes i second that question. ????
I went back to see what was up as I didn't have problems navigating the site when I ordered. You click on Order/Browse store on the top navigation bar or whatever and then follow the links at the bottom. 'Just Browsing' lets you browse....categories are on the right. The cherry shrimp are under the shrimp category...looks like some plants were added since I ordered.
yes they ship to canada they are in canada vancouver actually !'s Canadian warehouse is located in Winnipeg. Not Vancouver. They went central because it was closer to their current location along the border & was cheaper to ship the same distance in both directions rather than clear across country. has had a good rep. for a while. They have a sale on now.
Shrimp are in stock! Place your order.
Winter Sale - 10 Cherry Red Shrimp for $25.00. For a limited time only!
If you are looking for a more local store that constantly has Cherries go check out Menagerie in Toronto. The usually have them. Thats where I got mine from. If you are willing to wait mine have just started breeding like mad & I am located in Burlington. prices aren't that great considering Menagerie was selling 10 for $22 no shipping needed.
CC send me a pm when yours are ready and I will buy some from you. Any idea how long until they are ready?
I just saw my first babies this morning soooo.... I dunno how long they take to grow. This is my first go around with shrimp.
i was talking about but anyways i just got 2 pregant ones and a few that are like 1 shead away so im hoping for quite a few soon.
Here is a link if you are looking for different shrimps.

I have purchased lots from him but no shrimps. Good shipping policy though and live arrival guarantee.


If you are looking at buying freshwater shrimps, you can visit another online ebay store.
I ordered from this guy last spring, good stock, excellent price, no d.o.a.'s (was shipped within BC though):
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