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Shrimp id

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These came with a tank I bought. Any idea what it is. I have 1 other that looks a bit different. But just added 5 pfrs yesterday to the tank so want to pull these out if they interbreed

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At first glance looks like some sort of neo. Pretty though.

If it is, then yes they would interbreed.
The other one is real blue. I'll have to pull them out, got 5 pfrs at an auction yesterday and two are big and berried.
The eyes surrounded with yellow color exactly like Malawa shrimp. can you post the picture of the blue one?
Good observation shrimpo, however I don't think you can go on that. Some of my neos have those kind of eyes, too. *shrugs* I'm guessing these are wilds.
I got them both out of the 5 gallon and now they are in a 20high so I'll see if I can get other pics.
heres a female I got yesterday, can see the eyes in the eggs
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Congrats! You said that was a pfr?
Do you have some side views? From that photo it looks sakura, but pics can be misleading.
I also bought 20 sakuras which are in a different tank

Only side view right now
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The other shrimp I bought are like a ruby color. There is a young shrimp with this group in the pic that is super red
You could have fire reds, tattooed. The photo shows a sakura, but the others may be fire red.
I'll get some other pics and post them a little later today and see if u can help me out with an id. What happens If I mix them all? Or the best reds together at least
Mix them all and then cull the lower grades when you have enough to cull. Enjoy them in the meantime. :)
So I was able to snag 3 shrimp from the other tank and put them with these 5, one I snagged was berried but the newest added ones are considerably smaller. Just juvies or what?
I would think they are juvies, but time will tell.
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