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Shrimp ID please

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I purchased these shrimp under the simple name cleaner shrimp. I cant seem to ID them. I don't think they are Amano shrimp or glass shrimp. The pic is of a female as I believe she is holding eggs. She is about an inch long. I have 6 of them.

Would greatly appreciate an id.




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wild neo that is where cherry shrimp started
Cool. Cant wait for the eggs to hatch now. So i take it she can breed with my RCS too?

Thanks for the ID
I don't recommend you breeding her with your RCS, yes she can, but you will be reverting your RCS to wild type. Your reds were selectively bred to be red.
I have 6 RCS and 6 wild neo's in the same tank. Hopefully the boys keep to their own. :) Im not too bothered if they all want to party though. I dont judge a shrimp by its colour ;)
Ok, lol, that's cute, I guess you're right, to each their own. You might end up with some cool looking mixed shrimplets, I guess I was speaking from a genetics point of view and how mixing shrimp is not advised when trying to keep different colour variants.
i had a few like this and they were quite pretty to me as well.
I have them too, and RCS, I just keep them in separate tanks, the wilds stay wild and the

Oh and I didn't mean to crap on the wilds either, like I said, I have some too.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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