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Shrimp ID and help please

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I got an anubis plant from LFS 2 weeks ago and put it into my tank that has platys and a pleco in it. Today I moved my drift wood and found a shrimp under it. It is light brown and an inch to inch and a half long. Thinking he hitched a ride with the anubis. Thing is that I had some small platys in the tank that are about the same size and 1 or 2 are missing.

What kind of shrimp is this? my husband thinks it might be a crayfish as it might have eaten one of the fish.

Do you think it ate my baby platys?

if yes would it be ok to move it to my Betta tank? or would it chew up my betta's fins?

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from the photos looks like a crayfish for sure. it will try to snap at anyfish it can.
so best to avoid your beta tank also.
grow it out and put it into a boiling pot.... yumm...
looks like a dwarf cajun cray. they are fine with fish and dont eat plants. i had some in a tank with guppys and bristlenose plecos with babies. dwarf cajuns only get a couple inches big.
So I put an ad up for the crayfish and got rid of it last night. When i caught him and put it in the bag oooo he was angry, tried to fight its way out of the bag!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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