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Shrimp from South America?

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Hey guys I want to put Shrimp in my south american tank. Are there any from the south american region or are they all from asia?? Also what can I use for algee control in this tank??


BTW I will have around 10-20 Panda Cories, as well as 8 Bolivian Rams, A couple Blue Rams, Around 12 Neon Tetras, and 6-12 Black Neons.
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Here in Brazil we have Poti Mirim, same size of the red crystal and good algae eaters.
The rams will devour the shrimp
X2. At least the babies.

even adults my rams killed 40 ghost shrimp adults in a weeek
Well it's good to simulate natural conditions, right?:hihi:

Yeah they'd be an expensive snack.

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