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Shrimp friendly snail eater ?

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I , like many people have a snail problem in my shrimp tank. I was wondering if there is a small loach or fish :fish: I can get that won't eat the shrimp but like snails?
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Is there a site that has them ?

I prolly need a whole army of these guys to take out all of the snails I have.

Thanks again! I'll take a trip there tonight and see what they have.

What's wrong with snails?

If you have that many snails, you are probably overfeeding.
Loaches will then go for shrimp. They eat inverts.

I would just cut down on feeding.

Loaches will then go for shrimp. They eat inverts.

I would just cut down on feeding.

I have to agree with that. Don't get the loach.
I actually saw a CRS of mine physically peel a shrimp off the glass and start picking off the soft part before, just once, but thought it was interesting, has anyone else seen them do this kind of behavior before? or are my shrimp just starving LOL
They tend to clean the snail, then keep at it till it falls off, the snails are covered in all kinds of stuff.

Ghost shrimp on the other hand will eat snails, and their eggs

Crush your snails it makes for a good snack for your shrimp. I did this last night with some RCS and they went wild.
Kuhli's don't eat shrimp. At least adult RCS from what I have seen in photos and other people's experiences.

But if you have expensive shrimp that aren't nearly as prolific, then don't take the risk of kuhli's.

Just make sure you don't get the giant kuhli because I think they will definitely go for adults.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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