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Shrimp & Flourish Excel

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As I am very new to keeping shrimp, I have a question. I have a tropical low-tech tank set up. I do added Fourish Excel, about twice a month. Will the Flourish harm the shrimp?
Reason for asking is I doubled the dose to combat some BBA, and the 2 cherry red shrimp I had seem to have vanished?
Any help welcome.
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I use Seachems Flourish and Excel in all my shrimp tanks and have never had any issues. I have doubled dosages for both at one time or another and never saw any discernible issues with the dosages or any adverse reactions from the shrimp. These were regular run of the mill cherry shrimp, nothing high grade.
yeah its safe. Ive gone well over double strength a few times combating hair algea.
Same here. Gone over the double dose and no deaths.
Excel is fine to use in a shrimp tank, as long as the dosage is not over the recommended amounts.
Thank you all for the resopnces. Guess it wasn't the Flourish, back to check the water.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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