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(shrimp died) Re-Worked 3.7 w/hill and driftwood

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completely redid my 3.7 with the hopes of making it more open and better balanced. Added a hit and cut down the wood to allow more space for swimming and planting foreground plants. Im running semi high light and co2 so what carpet plant do you guys think would work for the front? also does anyone think hardness is my shrimp keeping problem as that is 300+ and is my only extreme stat. let me know what you think of the new layout compared to the old on my other posts. Thanks and appreciate it guys! Water Plant Vertebrate Pet supply Organism
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Nice! Eleocharis acicularis mini is a nice carpet with low maintenance. Monte carlo would work also but requires more trimming to avoid floating. Maybe mix some rainwater with tap water to get your tds down.
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