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I have 10 tanks ranging from 7 gallons to 125 gallons.
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I began this tank in April 2022, and since I had found an app to use, I actually recorded the names of the plants for once!

7 gallon globe (after hardscape, I just measured as I filled it)
Desk lamp/stand

Mesh bag of aquasoil and gravel
Seachem fluorite black sand cap
Small Elephant skin stones
Unknown driftwood

Anubias congensis mini
Anubias nana petite
Buce variety pack
Bacopa caroliniana
Hydrocotyl tripartita
Juncus repens
Ludwigia Natans red
Myrophyllum tetrandum
Weeping moss
Red root floaters
Occasional duckweed (not by design)

Stocked with Blue Dream shrimp, plus a few Red Cherries. Initially, I also had Red Neon Blue-eyed Rainbowfish, but when they grew up I moved them to my 68 gallon, and put Least Killifish in this one.
Also used to occasionally grow out other nano fish fry.

Easy Green once a week


Plant Houseplant World Terrestrial plant Lighting

4/21/22 Looking better! :

Plant Water World Aquatic plant Pet supply

Around May I removed the filter, but left the filter sponge in the back of the tank until I needed it for another tank.


Plant World Organism Terrestrial plant Water

I wasn’t satisfied with the look and growth from the desk light, so I bought a Chihiro’s magnetic 10 watt light. Unfortunately the magnetic part didn’t stick very well, so I ended up using a vinyl stretchy tie to keep it attached. Oh well, it worked and the colors were so much better.


Plant Liquid Light World Fluid

Sometime after that I started spending a lot more time on The Planted Tank, and I learned about saving money by mixing my own ferts. This tank and all the others were moved to the Nilocg ferts.
That brings us to the current picture. I over-harvested the Ludwigia for another tank, so it looks pretty skimpy right now, but I’ll build it back up. Other than that, I’m pretty happy with it. The shrimp and fish are thriving, and water parameters are also always great with a 1/3 water change every 2 weeks.


Plant Water Green Vegetation Terrestrial plant

Thanks for reading!
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