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Shrimp Aquarium Set-up

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Hello again everybody!
Thanks to all of you who helped me in my previous thread!
I am going to purchase the following products:
  • 7.9 gallon Fluval Ebi Nano Shrimp Habitat.
  • Included substrate, filter and spray bar, thermometer, 13W flourescent compact light.
  • 100W submersible heater.
  • Filter Bio-foam to be placed over filter tubing.
What's your opinion on this set-up?
What plants should I include? I was thinking of having the substrate almost completely covered in moss, with perhaps a few baby tears. What type of moss would I use, and any advice on other plants?
Should I purchase a canister filter to accompany the already included filter?
How many RCS can live in this set-up?

Thanks for all of your advice, and please do not comment on pH, or water parameters as I have already figured those out.
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Ebi tanks are nice. I want one in the future as I've heard great things about them. The light should be enough to grow at least low-light plants.

Any plants will work to be honest. Shrimp also like to graze on moss, so the more the merrier. Any kind of moss will do as well. It's more a choice of preference as to what type of look you want your moss to have. Pick plants you would like to look at, honestly. I try to stick with low-tech plants so it's a minimal amount of work.

Can't comment on filter since I don't have the Ebi

I believe the general tule of thumb is 10 shrimp per gallon, so you could get by with having 80 shrimp in there (80 being adults)
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