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Shrimp and water current

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Hi All,

I have several shrimp colonies going now and all my tanks have a current in them. I know some hobbyists recommend sponge filters only and little water movement, but in my experience so far (which is limited to less than a year, but very successful) the shrimp are much more active and the tanks stay cleaner with a HOB or canister filter running with a sponge pre-filter supplying a mild but steady current in my shrimp tanks.

My shrimp seem to enjoy swimming around in the areas of higher water flow of the outlet sometimes and all in all seem happier since I did this with all my tanks. There is just enough flow in the majority of the tank to slightly move the moss...

Isn't their natural environment a stream originally? Yes I know our pets are very far removed from any kind of clue as to their ancestors natural habitat if tank bread, but their bodies and natural intalled habit would still be suited for a stream like environment right? I mean they are naturally designed for this type of lifestyle by nature eons ago....

I know I may be all washed up here, but the difference in their behavior, color, and even breeding seems to me much different between a still and flowing water environment and I am curious if any of you have noticed this difference in behavior and/or have a stream like flow as opposed to stiller water.

Thanks for your input...Bill
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Yup ive got two tanks with HOB and sponge and my 29g RCS tanks only has an XP1 on it with a sponge and no problems there...I think people may use sponge filters because the tank they have them on are really small. Under 10g maybe and maybe the cost too, arent the sponge filters really cheap too??
I have enough current to sway all the leaves of my plants, and all of my RCS and amanos are doing great. I notice that my pygmy cories really appreciate the higher current. Often they swim in a school right against the outflow nozzle's current.
My shrimp seem to enjoy swimming around in the areas of higher water flow of the outlet sometimes and all in all seem happier since I did this with all my tanks.
I think you are reading too much into this observation.
They may be swimming around out of necessity in a
desperate attempt to find food attached to surfaces.

I would make sure there is a low or no flow area of
any tank housing shrimp. and as many other threads
of shrimp behavior have written, shrimp swimming like
that may have more to do with sexual hormone signals
released by females, then your water flow patterns.
I have raised shrimp for a few years now, and all my shrimp tanks always have a small HOB filter with a sponge over the intake tube as well as a sponge filter. I adjust the flow by simply pulling up on the intake tube, slipping it out of it's housing a tad until a nice gentle flow is achieved. Just enough to move the moss a little. I have found this method helps ensure proper gas exchange at the water surface, avoiding that "film" that gathers on slow or no current waters. I suppose the extra filter also creates more surface for beneficial bacteria.
Hello Spypet,

I do not mean they are swimming in an abnormal way at all like when the femals are ready to breed. My shrimp behave normally and have no trouble walking and foraging on the bottom or on tank glass as I have very little movement as I mentioned. I was simply saying they seem happier and more at ease in the tanks with flow than they did prior to adding it to tanks with a sponge filter only.

Shrimp - Currents

I agree, from my experience the little guys seem to enjoy a brisk swim.
However, I don't do this for long periods. Don't want to over tire them.

For example I have a cannister with a sponge over the intake as my main filter. As you know the sponge will quickly kunk up when you are cleaning the tank. So, I normally shut off the main cannister for an hour. Get the scrapper and trimmers going then To help clear out the tank - drop in my diatom filter with a filter bag over the intake, baby safe size.

For some reason, the shrimp seem compelled to swim around the output like little demons, and form in groups in and arround the output.

I also notice they avoid the Diatom intake very well and never had one "stuck" to it.
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