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Shrimp and Pimafix?

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Well I unfortunately wound up with 2 CRS (one berried), 1 RCS and 2 pygmy corys that had to be thrown into a half cycled 4g hexagonal tank. I have had them for 2 days now and am doing small water changes and keeping an eye on ammonia/nitirites/nitrates.

Day one I gave them Hikari shrimp pellets, not realizing the copper was bad for them (forgive me, I got thrown into these guys, they needed a home and I wasn't about to say no - but I am doing my best to learn about them). Next day got Hikari sinking wafers (both algae and the omnivore ones for the corys) I left one wafer in overnight and removed with turkey baster the next morning.

Long story short - I am noticing small white patchy fuzz on the glass and now covering the mondo grass on some blades (I will be removing after I learned not truly aquatic and can replace with some stargrass I am getting from a kind member). After looking into it I realize this could be a type of fungus? Behaves like algae, moving with the filter motion.

Can I dose Pimafix with the shrimp? Will that even work? Or keep with water changes and try to keep tank clean?

Your expertise is much appreciated. I have kept fany goldfish for many years but this is my first foray into planted tanks. I love this hobby :)
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Pimafix works with shrimp I dose it every time I do a water change with melifix too. But you just need to scrape that stuff off and keep doing your small water changes
Thank you! First time with invertebrates, and I am loving these little guys, hope to jump into the 12g long gang eventually
Lost a pygmy cory at some point today. Really strange as I lost the third one last night after he was.squished behind the filter. The shrimp are fine though. Couldnt have been the pimafix?
By the way I am at work and cant test water until about 5hrs from now :(
Bottom fish like cories are very sensitive, and some people recommend half doses of any medication.

Sorry for your loss.

Maybe google each type of fish you have re: sensitivity?

Thank you for providing a home for these refugees.
Your Hikari shrimp pellets are fine, the amount of copper is to small to effect your shrimp. Want to keep a eye on medications with copper, that were most people have problems.
Thank u everyone for the replies. Ideally I would not have put them in a half cycled tank. I am prepared for daily wcs . I will definitely have them in a larger home in the future. I will use less pimafix, I have a feeling it was the culprit as there is a baby fish fry happy as can be in there and if it was an ammonia/nitrite issue I would have thought the other critters would show signs too...and then who knows if its immune system wasnt already compromised. I did expect some loss under the circumstances. I appreciate the communities help. Been a long time since I have tried something new in this hobby. glad the hubby was looking at my guys while I am at work too, wouldmt want the dead fish spiking ammonia, extra snack for the shrimp lol.

Good to know the shrimp pellets wont go to waste but I will use them maybe only a couple times a week to be safe. This 4g will be all shrimp eventually. Anyone know about how many I could house comfortably?
Primafix and melafix are not meds, just tea leaf extracts
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