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Shrimp and nano tank?

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Which tank around 4 gallons would be a good one to buy for a shrimp tank. I would like to buy a complete setup with a filter and light but if there are other options that are better for shrimp I'm open. What would y'all recommend? Thanks
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Finnex 4 gallon:
Can be found online, I've seen these go on ebay for around 70 dollar shipped. Glass, good quality [or so I've read]

Tom Deco Kit 3:
45 dollars @ drfostersmith. ACRYLIC.

JBJ Picotope:
45 dollars @ drfostersmith. GLASS. You have to buy a different bulb for the fixture because it comes with an acitinic bulb. IMO this is the one I would choose out of all the ones I posted. Alot of people use this at nano-reef, heard lots of good things about this.

Buy it your self
10$ Buy a 2.5 or 5.5 gallon tank at your LFS.
5-20$ Buy a cheap light fixture or lamp.
10-15$ Buy an internal filter. Hagen mini elite or Tom dive clean internal filter.

Lots of good folks here selling used items.
Craigslist [you can find people giving away free 2.5 or 5.5 or 10 gallon tanks]
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Fluval has a new aquarium kit for shrimps - Fluval ebi. Look super cool and at a sub $100 price tag, it comes with everything you need (except a heater)

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think i wanna try the fluval ebi. does anyone have one and can give me feedback?
I hear ebi is the way to go. Still expensive considering the upfront cost but its a nifty looking tank.

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