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Shrimp and Long fin red minor tetras? How many shrimp to get?

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Will these tetras eat the shrimp? Also how many shrimp should i start out with? I just ordered some java moss so hopefull they would have places to hide.
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Are we talking about red cherry shrimp.
Never kept mine with tetras, but my understanding is that many tetras will chow down on shrimp fry. The java moss will certainly help, but I'd be a little worried.

Oh, and I'd add that you can start with as little as 10 RCS, though with other fish in the tank it may not be enough to get a colony going. Almost any fish will eat shrimp fry, some more eagerly than others.
You're going to need more then a little java moss. Hopefully you can create caves the shrimplets can hide in, and fish can't enter.

I know epicfish has the best deal on shrimps. Not sure if hes shipping with heatpacks during the winter though, check with him. A+ shrimps, he started off one of my colonies.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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