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Shrimp and fish

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I really want to keep shrimp but i also want fish... im in the process of getting a 38 gallon started and i want a tiger shrimp colony... is there anybody that has kept fish with shrimp with successful breeding? just wondering...
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If you provide enough cover in that 38 you could potentially get a colony going. However in general shrimp are food for fish, babies will be picked off.

If you really want to combine the two I would suggest....
1. Planting the tank, lots of cover for the babies.
2. Only have nano fish, smaller fish=smaller mouths
I planned on heavily planting and just some tetras probably I was going to do together barbs but then I actually thought about it hahaha

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Plant it heavily then put the shrimp in for 4 months or so only So they start to colonize and find hiding spots. Then add the fish when they are babies or as small as u can get them
I kept 7 Galaxy Rasboras/Celestial Pearl Danios with my RCS in my 10 gal and they still breed.

Tank has a lot of hiding places so that is probably key.
What about keeping a kuli loach with shrimp. I think they are so cute and have pretty small mouths. do you think they would be ok kept together? And I'm thinking just 1 kuli loach
Look into the boraras or "Micro Rasbora" family. Super small fish with great personality and color. IME they are spooked by baby shrimp... and have never bothered any of my colony. They actually feed along side with one another looking for micro fauna.
I feel ya, I kept fish with my shrimp until they started breeding. Then I let all my fish go except Otto's. I had Congo Tetras, Mollys, Rasboras, Neons, an African Dwarf Frog, Kuhli Loach, and even a pleco with my shrimp and they never bothered the adults. Actually the Dwarf frog used to snap at my adult shrimp but never caught or killed one.

Now I have learned a lot about shrimp and actually prefer not to have fish with my shrimp. Shrimp behavior is much different without fish in the tank. If I were to keep fish with shrimp, I don't think I would keep any shrimp with fish other than Cherries or something relatively cheap.
Discus with shrimp? :(

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You can certainly keep dwarf shrimp with fish provided their water parameters and temperment are compatible.

Tank breeding in general largely depends on whether the owner chooses to be actively involved or not. If the passive approach is taken, baby survival will likely be lower. If the newborns are separated from the main community, then survival would certainly be higher.

Shrimp are slightly better by not having an appetite for their offspring but their low position on the food chain offsets the advantage and exacerbates their low survival rate in a community tank.
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