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shrimp and ferts??

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I am considering planting my shrimp tank out extremely well but I am a fert person... lol All the ferts have some copper involved.. is this gonna be a problem if I use them.. I can stay on the suggested dosage would that be tolerable or am I gonna need to do something a little different.. any thought suggestions or even ribbing would be appreciated..
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What kind of fertilizers did you have?
I mainly use flourish products.. I am also playing with-- shhh!!!!-- miracle grow.. lol which I am finding produces some fantastic results..

but I am willing to change if there is a better suggestion
The copper in aquatic fertilizers should not present a problem for shrimp, but the same might not be said for terrestrial fertilizers.

In addition, terrestrial fertilizers often have ammonia (urea) as the nitrogen source, which could pose potential problems as well.
ok and thank you.. that was kind of where I was going in my own mind .. I have found the miracle grow in the quantity I am adding seems to be no problem for fish.. it is very minute but the Copper is a wee bit higher than in aquatics ferts and was causing me some mild concern on this issue

thank you again
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