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So i got some nice crypt spiralis and cleaned my tank yesterday. Haven't really been super active lately, but thought i would post my little jungle.

Flora is down to (left to right):
Anubias Nana
Crypt Wendtii Red
Crypt Undulata
Crypt Spiralis
A little piece of Java Fern

One of my Balas went belly up, and i think there are only 2 otos, but they hide.

[Last Update 1-20-2015]

So i thought i would finally show off my "main" tank.
Low-tech, excel powered, algae ridden, overstocked, overfiltered, collectoritis madness.

Collectoritis is a disease that should be taken seriously.

Tank: Scratched up old 29 a co-worker had me "tank sit" but never came back for.

Light: Finnex Planted+ 30"

Filter: Marineland Penguin 280 and an air bar.

Heater: Aqueon Pro 100 Watt

Substrate: Two bags of ActivFlora black on top of a bunch of gravel.

Flora: (oh boy)
Jungle Val
Two types of anubias
Bronze Crypts
Pygmy Chain Sword
Anacharis (really doesnt like excel)
Ludwiga Repens. and some kind of small leaf ludwigia
Java Fern (saved a tiny little hitchhiker piece with a single 1/4" long leaf)
Some odd hitchhiker moss.
Some mystery rosette thats not been doing so hot.

2 juvie Bala Sharks
2 good size Denison Barbs (Roselines)
2 zebra loaches
2 glasscats
8 otocinclus
ghost shrimp
And MTS. So many snails

What do you think? Please don't judge too harshly.

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Looks like a solid start! I know what you mean about the plant collector mindset, haha.

How long has the tank been setup? Good luck with those Otos, some of my favorite fish, but so hard to keep around sometimes.

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So, the backstory is:
A coworker was moving temporarily (or so thought) and wanted me to take care of the tank. I got it with 3" of water so dark green you couldn't see through it. In there were 2 6" long tiger Oscars and an 8" pleco. No BS. One of the oscars died from the stress of the first water change and fill. That was about 2 years ago.

Since then, the pleco and the oscar died off. I moved a black ghost knife in from my 55 predator tank (broken down after a move). Added the balas and glasscats.

After the move (a little over a year ago) is when the planted madness started, and i've been working on it since. New filter, new heater, new light, chems, and ferts.

It's coming along.
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