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Show us your shrimp tank!

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Good day Shrimp Addicts! I need some inspiration, so I would like all the lovely shrimp owners on 'The Planted Tank' to post
pictures of your awesome shrimp tanks and their residents, more pictures the better, would help me out greatly :)
thanks guys ;)
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I'll take some pictures when the lights come on!
When my light come on I'll hit it up too.
msnikkistar said:
I'm too lazy to post pictures
aww :(
Fresh rescape. I was more interested in putting a few test plants in there than I was about the overall look. RCS, Amano, and Ghost...

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Here's my shrimp tanks this past year. 20gallons long tank for the win!

CRS Strictly Moss tank

Hybrid Mixture of Cherry and Crystal. Overflow Spare tank to release tension.

Moss tank. Might use later for higher grade breeding CRS.

CRS Breeding Tank

I love Dwarf Shrimps!
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5.5g Sulawesi Tank: Yes, it goes against the rocky conventions of the biotope, but this is what happens when I can't find homes for my plant clippings. I just can't let them go to waste!!

10g Planted Tank: Sorry it's a mess. But the RCS live here, and I separated my female guppy and young fry into here too. They helped take care of my copepod inssue.
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Here are some pictures of my crs tanks, 2- 10 gallons, 5.5g and a 3 gallon

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Nice tanks Jaggedfury!
I want a rack of tanks sooooo bad. Way jealous. And CRS would be nice. Have the space, time, and money for all that but Im married.... lol.
Nice tanks Jaggedfury!
thanks thanks. Nice CRS!

We should state tank sizes, as to the OP can know how big of a scaping he can do base on space.
Some real nice tanks I see so far, CRS are so awesome arn't they :D

mordalphus said:
I'll take some pictures when the lights come on!
When my light come on I'll hit it up too.
Good stuff guys ;)
Heres mine

Its a 20L tank. Inhabitants are CRS/CBS/RCS, also has 5 albino BN pleco babies.


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Blue tigers, 10g:

Black tigers, 10g:

Crystal Blacks, 10g:

Crystal Reds, 10g:

Fire reds, 10g:

Sakura and CRS, 20g:

Rack of 10g's:

Rack of 20g's (and on the right of it my sulawesi and snails rack):

AANNNDDDD, what's going to go into my custom middle tank here... i just built it last weekend and stenciled my company logo into it:
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Dang some really nice tanks on here. Sweet set up Mordalphus!!
Mord, what type of filters are you using there?

Look to be very simple setups, I like that.
The black ones are the smallest (or second smallest) aqueon HOBs, and the clear ones are aquatic edge nano's... They're just cheap filters with a large capacity. I don't need anything fancy, since the fluval prefilter catches particles, I just fill them up with bio media and slap a bag of purigen in there and voila!

Some of the 10g's have a HOB hooked up to a UGF, same premise though.
What can I say mordalphus but wow!
I hope one day I will have a setup like that!
the tank you made with your custom company logo is awesome,
whats going in there then?

great stuff :D
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