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Show me you most automated/low maintenance high-tech tanks!!!!!

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So I bought a house a few months ago and I'm finally getting my 50 set up and since it's my house I get to do what every I want.

The house is built on a craw space and tank is setup on a wall that has a bathroom behind it and a closet next to it so I have many many many possibilities. I have already ran a line from my R/O filter in the garage under the house and up into the closet where it will fill a 5gal bucket on a float valve. This will serve as my reservoir for the auto top off that I have coming in the mail. As the auto top off fills the tank from the bucket the R/O filter with auto shut off will fill the bucket. Once the bucket has been replenished the float valve will cause pressure to build up in the R/O line which will activate the auto shutoff on the R/O filter. A 5gal bucket is too much for an auto top off that will be automatically filled as it's being drained but I plan on starting a couple more tanks so I can use it to top off the other thanks manually. Plus the extra water will give me plenty of time to fix the R/O filter and it's components if something fails.

I have a 40gal trash can in the garage that is filled by the R/O filter. I have a heater, power head, and a pond pump in it and a hose attached to the pump. Currently, I run a hose through the hose every weekend to refill the tank for the water change. This works fine but it's a hassle to uncoil the hose and once I'm done, drain it and coil it back up. Plus it takes time away from my family and my wife hates it. So last weekend I ran some PVC from the reservoir in the the garage, under the house and up into the closet. After I get it flushed and checked for leaks all I will have to do is syphon the water out of the tank and plug in the pump which will be attached to the PVC running under the house. Now I'll only have a 6ish foot section of hose running from the closet and I'll fill the tank that way.

I am currently in the process of obsessing over a design where I can use the filter to pump the water out of the tank using the filter and then with the turn of a few knobs fill the tank using the filters out flow. I am planning on running the drain pipe under the house and up to the kitchen sink drain. I will also have a tail pipe with a ball valve and garden hose connection on it which will allow me to change where the water drains too. That way I can fill some other reservoir with the waste water or water the plants, garden, grass with it. ( the only reason I hate doing water changes is I hate wasting 150+ gal of water every month) I'm not sure if the filter will be able to push the water through all of the 90 degree angels I will have to use plus the extra length of pipe and cerges reactor and still have any flow so I may just make a DIY canister filter and use an over powered pump so that I can do everything I want to do. Testing on that will start this weekend or next. I need to get the drain line ran first.

I am also toying with the idea of T'ing off sections of the modified outflow/water changer omatic deal and running lines for my auto doser and auto top off. I am trying very hard to keep as little equipment out of and off of my tank. Eventually I want to switch out my framed tank for a rimless tank and they look SOOOOOoooo much better when they don't have a bunch of equipment in and all around them. The issue with this is that I will obviously have to have check valves on the lines but I'm not sure of the back pressure from the filter would be too much and the pumps for the auto doser and/or auto top off would not work. Particularly with the auto doser. I can test the auto top off easily. Drain the tank. run the pump with the filter running. If the tank fills up and the reservoir doesn't I'm golden. With the auto doser it will be difficult to tell if it is dosing the amount that I need it too.

Once I get the plumping taken care of and a couple other projects done around the house I plan on look at the potential of a reef controller and see if I can make it worth the money. I wont use a PH probe because I don't want my CO2 running when the lights are off and I would only use a temperature probe so that I don't have to have a thermometer in the tank and as a safety for my hydor inline heater. It would be nice to have my lights, CO2, and air stones all controlled by their own timers and not have a huge mass of cords all tanged up in one of the cabinets in my stand. Does anyone have any ideas as to how else a reef controller could be beneficial?

I will add pictures when the set up is more than a pipe sticking out of the floor and a hose with a ball valve on it.

So this is what I have in the works. Please share your ideas and automated or low maintenance high-tech tanks
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I use an Apex on my tank and love it. It keeps my CO2 right at 30ppm all day long. I like to leave mine running at night so CO2 is perfect when the plants need it. I also like the fact that my pH stays constant. If you don't want your CO2 on at night you can program it to only turn on during the day and then keep your CO2 constant. I also like monitoring the tank on my computer. I really want one for my 12 gallon but it's so hard to justify. I'm sure I'll get one eventually but only when the price is right.
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