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Show me pics of your tank and stand

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I'm interested in building a stand for my tank so the tank will be at eye level. I'm thinking that the stand will have to be about 40" tall.

I don't know if the store bought stands are short for stability or what???? But I'm tired of getting on my knees to enjoy my tank!
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It is 36" tall, with a 24" tall tank its about as tall as I would ever want it. I'm 6'1" and I need a stool to do any work at the substrate.
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I think the stands are short for stability. I built both stands for my tanks. I have a 20 long that sits on a 3.5 ft tall stand. When I first put tank on. I noticed some movement when walking by tank. Added bucket of rocks, and no more movement.
2nd tank is much shorter. Can't remember how tall. This is my 40 breeder
Due to swapping out a computer, my pictures are gone for now. But I built a stand for my 125 with height as the main idea. I want to see the fish at eye level when I go to the tank and I want to see the tank over my dining room table when sitting in my living room. Forty inches does for me.
I've always assumed that commercial stands are built short for two reasons. Kids can see them better and it saves materials. Since I have neither to consider, I build higher. In fact, I find I can cut my uprights out of a 2X4-8 just as well as if I used shorter and had more scrap left.
I was worried about stability, too. I have a 75 gallon Oceanic stand and tank and have to get on my knees to see the fish. I'm only 5'1".

There is a very large tank, at least 7' long, in a doctor's office. The stand is at least 3.5' tall. It's so nice to watch the fish at eye level.

Thanks for the link.

Ruxl, I love your stand!
With a small tank like a 30 or under, stability can be a question but I never worry with larger tanks. It takes a really big guy to wiggle a 75. That does assume that the stand is built solid.
Maybe I'm just lazy but most of the time I am sitting when I'm looking at the fish so a standard stand height works for me.
Maybe I'm just lazy but most of the time I am sitting when I'm looking at the fish so a standard stand height works for me.
Ditto... my 220gal stand Is only 24".. but the tank is 30" tall so I still need a stool to get to the substrate... basically swimming..

I have a couch in front of it so it ends up being about perfect viewing from the couch.
Here is one I built. Was a great learning experience and p easy! Let me know if you want more pics.

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My 40" tall home built tank stand with 24" tall aquarium. Frame is built with 2X2 and 1X2 steel square tube.
I made the footprint a bit larger for better stability. It is very stable. :)
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I know what you mean about stooping to see, but it turns out that the best way to enjoy a tank, to BE the tank as it were, to REALLY lose yourself in their world, is to sit.

If you use a tall stand to enjoy the tank while vertical, you will want a bar stool or similar nearby IMO.
Stand I made for 100 Gallon Tank. 60x18 and 36" tall. Used to divide family room and computer desk on the other side.

One of the side pieces drying

Look at underside of bottom

Finished without doors

Sitting on stand

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My tank sits in my bedroom next to 4 doors and across from the foot of my bed. I can't put a chair there and leave it. The best way for me to view the tank is kneeling on the hardwood floor, which doesn't feel too good on the knees. LOL

With the 40" stands, how do you clean the substrate? I'm short so I have to use a chair now.

This is my stand I made for my 75g. It was my first ever wood working project and it took me about a week and a bit to make. Keep in mind I was in school full time and working too. Total cost for the stand was $180cdn. I would 100% do it again as you can't by that kind of quality for anywhere near that.

Any question you have I can try and answer.
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Beautiful piece of furniture!

How tall is it?
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