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Basically I'm looking for fish that could work in my tank that would be like a main attraction. I would like it to be larger or around 6 inches and preferably a pair. I currently have:

15 Rummynose Tetras
4 Cardinal Tetras
5 Pepper Corys
6 Albino Corys
2 BN Pleco
1 Blue Phantom Pleco
10 Amano Shrimp
6 Rainbow Dwarf Fish
2 Electric Blue Ram

55 Gallon tank, CO2, Decently Planted, sun sun 304b canister and Fluval 306 canister filter, water perimeters are 0,0,10~, 78 Degree water
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I would up the number of Cardinal Tetras you have first to at least 6.

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I would say that just about any fish you add that is 6 inches long is going to look at the rest of your tetras and shrimp as lunch. I can't think of anything that large that I'd trust with extremely small fish.

I would look around for either more of what you have or another species or two that are more or less in the size range of what you have.
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More fish now than I would be comfortable with in 55 gal.
Waste from the pleco's alone at adult size, would = same amount as a couple dozen of the tetra's.
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I also keep rams and have been looking for a large, peaceful fish to join them in my 75. The ones I have been considering are uaru, discus, or keyhole cichlid. I also just started leaning toward a purple spot goby/gudgeon, but in that case you could definitely kiss your shrimp goodbye. I concur with the others that you have quite a lot of fish already, but then, I have a tendency toward lightly stocking my tanks anyway. I don't know about your rams, but mine are VERY territorial. I have my two guys separated at the moment because they were constantly harassing each other in the 40 gallon I had them in.
Maybe a kribensis, apisto, or pearl gourami. Don't take my word for it, though. I have no experience with any of those fish and can't say if they're safe with your current stock.
One or two pearl gouramis, temperament allowing, can be very showy.
...I also just started leaning toward a purple spot goby/gudgeon, but in that case you could definitely kiss your shrimp goodbye...
If the fish you are referring to is Mogurnda mogurnda, I wouldn't keep it with anything smaller than half its size. I had one that got to be around 8" long and he made entire cubes of tubifex worms (size of a six-sided dice) disappear in one bite.

To the OP: gourami's or rainbows are probably about the largest fish that come to mind that might not tear up your other fish once full grown

10-15 more cardinals would be cool , too
My first thought was rainbows or Dennison barbs, but you don't have the space for either.
My community tank has given a new perspective on this I thought I'd share. To make a good display you really have to layer fish. My tank for example has a huge school of tiger barbs, a huge school of black ruby barbs, a few cherry barbs, a dojo loach, a rainbow shark, and 10 denison barbs. Every one a beautiful fish and this is the only comment I ever get... Dude you got a bunch of fish! Nobody every notices just one kind. I think limiting the tank species makes a better display. If I was to do it again I would keep the denison barbs which generally only use the bottom of the tank and another fish that uses the top part of the tank and a loach that stays at the very bottom.
In you case I would pick the tetra you like best and load up on it, getting rid of any other schoolers. Pick one type of cory and do the same thing. Ditch the plecos since the size is way different. Keep the rams. A pair of rams, a bunch of cories, and a school of tetras will have much more visual impact than adding just another showy specimen.
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I definitely plan on getting more cardinal Tetras. My LFS haven't restocked at all. All my fish so far have gotten along well. I think discus are definitely out of the picture because they need warmer water.
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