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Should I try ferts again...?

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Well about a month ago I got a horrible algae bloom, since then I have cut out ferts and cut my lights down to 2wpg... Do you think it is safe to start dosing flourish weekly again...?
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Do you have CO2? What size tank is this? How long have you had the tank established? What's the plant mass? What's your dosing regimen? How many watts and type of lighting were you using prior to cutting the light back? How many hours a day?

There are lots of variables here, and answer most/all of the questions above will give you more useful answers rather than yes/no.
I am running diy CO2.
Its a 55gallon.
It has been up since early December.
Its not quite hevily planted, but its not puny(sp.?) either
Here is the link to the my tanks section.
2wpg-- 48'' NO florecent
When I get the algea bloom It was at like 3.2wpg all NO and for probably 14hrs a day
Now we're at the 2wpgNO for 11-12hrs/day
I used to dose florish 1cap a week,
You need to more then just Flourish, you need to dose Nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium. That is why you had algae, you were starving the plants and the algae took over
Ok... soo should I either dose all of those or none but not just florish...?
Your tank was probably too sparsely planted for a new tank not to go through a cycle. The ammonia and nitrite spike probably set the algae off.

At 2 WPG, you might be able to skip macros if your fishload is sufficient. What's your fish load?
Also, there is no reason to run such a long lighting period. Reduce to 7-8 hours daily and increase when your plant biomass increases.
Right now I have 2 angels (still pretty small) 1red paradise gourami, 4cories, bn pleco, 4 lemon tetra, 4 orange von rio falme tetra, and 10-12 ghost shrimp. I have my light on for so long b/c I like it to be on while i am at home... for about two weeks I was running it for about 2hours in the morning and 6hours for the afternoon and night, but the timer that is on it is off it runs too slow so when it turns off it takes forever to turn back on so then it gets worse and worse.
I would like to win the lottery, but it ain't gonna happen. ;) You have to work with what you have and that means reducing your photoperiod.
I got to reading through griss's guide and it made me feel slightly (pardon my french) retarded... I thought I knew quite a bit about the basics of planted tanks and keeping them, hell I even bought an aquaclear 110/500 instead of a canister filter for some reason... so now that guide has me itcching to get a job to buy the 2x55 ah kit, pressurized CO2 and a nice canister.ughhh
Ohh boyy... well I still have no idea where to start... we're talkin like a good $450-500 for all this stuff... and it's for the 'worst tank' a 55gallon... I am a little dis-couraged and kinda wondering where to go from here...
55 can still make a nice planted tank, its just tough to scape b/c its depth is only 12". What you have will still grow plants. Just b/c you have an AC doesn't mean you wont grow plants. Your CO2 will just be out gased a little faster. But there are ways around that, such as a piece of foam on the out flow to reduce the agitation
Can anyone give me a link to buy dry ferts at...?
Wow those ferts are much cheaper than I thought... O I should buy Postassium phosphate(KH2PO4) and What else...?

ORR should I just do the PMDD premix...?

The best things to buy are KNO3, KH2PO4, and if your water is very soft, Barr's GH builder. CSM+B will work as a trace mix, but many people seem to like the commercial ones better, such as Tropica Plant Nutrition Liquid or Flourish.
oh ok... how can I test my GH
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