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Should I treat this tank? (Cross Contamination?) Camallanus

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I bought a few new juvenile Kuhli Loaches that made it through a month of quarantine and did well in my 55 gallon community for another few months, but two weeks ago one of them got very thin and acted strange, and today I just noticed it has Camallanus worms. This Loach is in a hospital tank, and all the other fish in my 55 gallon are acting 100% symptom free but I'm going to treat the whole tank with Levamisole anyways.

My concern is I have another tank, a 10 gallon Cherry Shrimp colony. This tank only has Cherry Shrimp and Ramshorn Snails. I use the same siphon and plant utensils in this tank as the 55, and there's a good chance I probably went back and forth between tanks cross contaminating the water. Should I treat this tank as well? My biggest concern is that I get rid of the worms in the 55 gallon, and then get it back because it's in the 10 gallon.

Thanks for any input
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I guess I would not treat the second tank unless some symptoms show up. But
1. I would treat all the equipment with bleach before using again
2. Disease are notorious for jumping tanks.

I won't work on two different tanks in the same day. You can find horror stories of whole fishrooms coming down with the plaque!
I wouldn't worry about the shrimp tank. While diseases do cross contaminate easily, parasitic worms do not. They have a specific life cycle. They need fish to infect. Your shrimp tank doesn't have fish in it.

It couldn't hurt to sterilize your equipment.
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When I deworm my tanks I also deworm the cats and my wife and daughter. Your shrimps will be fine with levamisole.
When I deworm my tanks I also deworm the cats and my wife and daughter.
You don't have to be so paranoid unless one of you ate the infected fish.
Cats drink from the aquariums, lick themselves and sleep on everything..... enough to make you paranoid.. at least their deworming stuff is in the flea drops they get from the vet.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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