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should I start this diy setup

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I have two nutrafin setups on a 36g tank. right now I have a diy setup with 2 2litre bottles. Do you think that it would be safe to hook those up? Or should I wait for my drop checker. the cart said that i was at 26ppms of co2 but I do not think that that is that accurate. So what do you guys think should I hook the 2 2litre bottles up with my 2 nutrafin ladders or do you think that I would be overdosing on a 36g tank. I would like to know because will be on vacation for a week and want to get some more co2 going.
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So you would have four bottles of co2 going on a 36 gallon if i understand what your saying. I don't know much about the nutrafin systems, but 26 ppm is a pretty good amount of co2, I think I would maybe replace the nutrafins cartridges or whatever it uses (not familiar with it) and leave it the way it is.
i have ~5 liters of capacity on my diy co2 setup, however i have my co2 going directly into my cannister filter (rena xp1) for the diffuser/reactor. my drop checker is always green with a 4dkh solution.

id wait untill you get the dc though, patience is always better then a co2 od.
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