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Title is pretty explanatory.

Here are a couple of info.

I'm dosing EI daily, 20-25ppm of CO2.

Heavy biomass with couple of reddish plants, Ludwigia repens, Pogostemon Stellata, Rotala H'ra, Cryptocoryne hobbit, Hygrophila Araguia.

Also in tank Staurogyne repens, Sagitarria Subulata, Lobelia Cardinalis.

Tank is 17G, 14 inches deep, light sitting at 2 inches.

I'm trying to push plants. I read this about Chihiros RGB see PAR Data, basically suggesting that removing the diffuser would boost PAR Value. I am just wondering if that has any effect the spectrum or simpler then that if it is too risky for diodes, regarding water splash etc.

Colorfulness Yellow Text Orange White

I'm a bit worried about this lamp PAR value. I bought it on an impulse because it was pretty cheap at my local store. I know, buying on impulse not knowing fully the product is the worse thing to do... If it was to start over I would probably go for Twinstar 900E/S or something like that. Anyway I am worrying about PAR value has I am still new and I am focusing on emulating this, see link below.

Any of you tried it, had any experience with this light or has any related suggestion?

Thank you
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