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20 gallon tank
medium planted
42% stocked with fish
CO2 injected
78 degrees Fahrenheit
7.3 pH at night
6.7 pH during the day
540 TDS
3 ppm Nitrate
3 ppm Phosphate
20 ppm Potassium
1.3 ppm Ammonia-Nitrogen


My filter isn't working but I added some fish three weeks ago. I've been changing the water three or four times a week to control the Ammonia. I'm cycling some media in a bucket but it's not ready yet. This week I ended up with 3 ppm Nitrate and 1.3 ppm Ammonia. Should I not dose Nitrate this week to let the plants get the Ammonia? Would that help or should I just do the water changes and dose the Nitrate?
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