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Should I move my platies into heavily planted guppy pond to control hair algae?

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I live in Daytona FL so my weather is quite mild. I have a 35 gallon heavily planted pond with a solar fountain and a 100 gallon per hour spouter, so it is quite circulated. I have a small group of fancy guppies and fry in the pond but the dragonfly nymphs are keeping the population low. I also have a couple of tadpoles. I have a lot of hair algae in certain spots that get a lot of sun. I know this algae is good food for some fish. I have 2 platies in another 20 gallon circulated pond next to the other and this 20 gallon pond only has anacharis and ludwiga repens, and I plan on keeping it planted with these two plants. Would it be a good idea to move my platies into my heavily planted pond in with my guppies? Would the platies help control the hair algae? Would they stress out my guppies?

If I move my platies out of the 20 gallon pond, I will put guppies into that pond instead.

Here is a video of the heavily planted pond just before I installed the spouter: