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Should I leave CO2 on for the night?

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I am currently fighting the BBA and my water parameter as follow:

PH: Set to 7 during CO2 on period, CO2 is on 2 hours before light is on to bring the PH down to 7. During the night PH goes up to 7.7 ~ 7.8 and I have tried aerirate the water over the night and the PH went up to 8.0

KH: 7
NO3: Undetectable
PO4: 0.02

My question is should I bring my PH down further to 6.9 and should I shut off CO2 during the night?
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no because they let out carbon or sumpthin like that time ur co2 for when ur light turns on and off so put it on the same times as the light
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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