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Hi guys,

I ordered an 11.4 gallon Mr aqua tank with dimensions 18.9by11.8by11.8. I am trying to decide between two light fixtures. They are basically the same except that one is a 27 watt fixture that is 11.8 inches long and the other is 36 watt fixture that is 18 inches long. My concern with the smaller light is that since it is significantly shorter than my tank's length, that it may have spots on the edge of the tank with bad light coverage. Do you guys think this is a valid concern? As for the larger version, I am afraid that this fixture might be a bit too much light if I am trying to avoid using CO2. Both these lights are clip on lights and can be found here

So, what do you guys think I should choose?

Oh and the other specifications of the tank in question are

Substrate MTS capped with flourite black sand and root tabs

Ferts just the root tabs and excel, maybe some flourish

If any other information is needed please let me know
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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