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Should I buy 18x36x118 inch tank for $30?

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Should I buy 18x36x118 inch tank for $30?

18x36x118 inch works out to 331 gallons, which is a massive.
The seller states it was originally for a terrarium.

Seems like an awfully good deal if it can be used for as an aquarium. I'll ask him about the glass thickness.

Note: Not sure where this thread should go. I'm posting it in vivarium/terrarium because it seems like this section might have more experience with this. I also don't know what I'm going to do with it though, probably going to stash it in the basement until I have a plan/time/more money to execute it. Any suggestions on that as well?
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from the looks of it, it is 12" high, not 112". If it is 112" high, that window sill it is sitting next to is 9 feet up.
I agree with mascencerro.
The seller obviously made a

Pretty unusual tank though, and not a bad deal.

If you do consider checking it out I'd have the seller fill it with water before you head over, even if you have to offer to empty it for them.

Many reptile/herp type tanks arent built claiming to be watertight, and the glass thickness may be less than that of an aquarium.
Looking at the floor, and knowing about what size parquet flooring is, I have problems with those dimensions. Are you sure it's not really supposed to be in centimeters? That would be 44 inches long, which looks closer to what I'm seeing.
L=36" - Length
W=18" - Width (front to back)
H=112" - Height, gotta be a typo. Compared to the width, height looks to be about 12"

But still, for $30... this would be a good deal as long as it holds water. Hang a couple lights over it an use it for a breeding/grow out tank. Maybe even a shrimp tank.
I'd say Phroge is correct, when I went back and looked at it again thought that might be a typo. Turtle tank, wide and low. My brother-in-law has one about those dimensions.
It looks like a 40 breeder to me. I would buy it if I were close. They make fantastic reef tanks. :)

looks like a 40 breeder to me.
agreed. just be careful because a lot of tanks that size are "critter cages" by all-glass which are NOT full of water aquarium rated. I suspect this one is NOT designed to hold water as it lacks a center brace frame strap on the bottom. In general, anytime you find a $1/gal good condition tank on craigslist, that's considered a good deal.
but I was told that it is also water tight and can be used as an aquarium
I would pass.
From the general consensus, seems like when it's too good to be true, it probably is. The guy probably made a typo on the dimensions.

I saw a terrarium/reptile tank at Big Al's today and the glass panes are quite thin. It might be water-proof as in you can use a hose to check for leaks, but definitely not aquarium rated.

Thanks for info though.
if i was local, and had $30, I'd look into it still and probably get it, use it for a vivarium.
More frogs :)
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