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Using CO2

Good morning Wheel...

Whoa, that was some post. Just wanted to put in a plug for the KISS method of aquarium fish and plant care. That's the "Keep it Simple and Successful" approach.

CO2 and high tech lighting are nice, but you can grow some very nice plants with 32 to 40 watt T8 & T12, 6500 K bulbs from the hardware store. Put your tank lights on timers for 12 hours on and 12 off and dose some inexpensive liquid plant ferts from the hydroponics store.

I've never worried about pH, water hardness, water testing kits, etc. Unless you keep demanding plants and rare fish species, the chemisty stuff really is unnecessary.

If you need help with just the planted tank basics, PM me any time. I'm never too busy to talk about the KISS approach to planted tanks. Attached is a pic of one of my planted tanks. It doesn't look like the usual tanks, but the plants and fish like the conditions.

As always, just one poor, old "water keeper's" opinion. Above everything else, have fun!

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