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Should I be using anything?

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I have a small 5.5g tank with some plants and couple of shrimp in with two 20w cfls over it. I was just wondering if I should be dosing anything? At the moment it is just ticking over by itself....

Cheers peeps.
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I have a 5.5 gallon with a 40 watt desk lamp shining over it. Right now, I have two what I think are micro swords that I have had for about a month. No fertilizers have been used and it looks like they hae grown about and inch or so in the past month. If you want your plants to grow rapidly, which, don't forget, adds trimmings to the routine, then I guess it would be okay.

I think you will need ferts and a source of carbon to avoid an algae farm with that much light.
So I could use Flourish Excel as a source of carbon?? (am quite new to this) And Flourish Comprehensive as a source of ferts??

Cheers for the help.
My 5.5g has one 15w spiral on it, and it's become an algae farm...

Yeah, Excel and Comp should work just peachy for you. Just don't OD Excel. Some say you can, but my dead shrimpies say otherwise... :icon_frow
Thanks for help. Now to find somewhere reasonable in the uk to order them!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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