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Shortest Carpet

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What is the shortest carpet grass for CO2 and MTS substrate? I planted Glosso and it's about 2-3" tall. I'm not happy with it. It looks messy.
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Trim it down and keep trimming it. Do it slow though you don't want to shock it.
Thanks. I didn't think I could trim Glosso.
if you wanted really short, h.c. would've been a better choice.
glosso and h.c. isn't "grassy" to me though.

eleocharis belem is supposed to curl downwards which should help keep it lower than dhg. but there would still be a lot of maintenance if you want it under 2-3 inches.
Trim it down and keep trimming it. Do it slow though you don't want to shock it.
What exactly do you mean by "shock it"? I've been trimming my glosso about every other week, trying to get it to carpet. After each trimming it would grow back pretty fast, but after the most recent trimming, it seems to have stopped growing altogether and some of the leaves are turning brown. Did I "shock it"? How/why?
I meant if the op would cut the full 2-3 inches down it might have adverse affects. Its hard to say. If you have been trimming it regularly with it growing back well with out any problems, it sounds like something else is wrong like ferts or something else. I had hairgrass that browned after trimming but it turned out to be shooting out runners everywhere and eventually came back.
Same thing happened to me with dhg I trimmed it and rather than grow back it turned brown and sent new runners

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So what would you suggest to use? I have a forest theme and wanted short grass in the front to the tank.
How about these one?Idk why I havent seen much people use it, but this is pretty popular here in Japan, japanese call it water lawn, but its scientific name is ULTRICULARIA GRAMINIFOLIA

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I was looking at this one earlier (Elatine hydropiper) but it's hard to find.

The UG looks like what I'm envisioning. I'm going to keep an eye out for it. I don't see it offered for sale often.

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