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Short video of shrimp

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Something about the way a shrimp crawls around seems neat to me so I tried to take a short clip today of one of my bamboo/wood/flower/signapore whatever the heck shrimp you call it. lol
wmv 4MB
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They are so smart. At the end when he was trying to get off the leaf it looked like he was struggling.
Yeah, I had shut off the powerhead he normally sits infront of so he was trying to find another spot. For those unfamiliar with this species shrimp they are filter feeders and will try to get into the current to capture tiny organizims or whatever they eat. You can see that near the end of the clip where the guy steeles down for a second and opens up his 'fans' in the current. Normally they dont do a whole lot of moving once they find a good spot, thats why they are often said to be a boring type of shrimp.
Awesome video. I have a couple videos of my Atyopsis Moluccensis perched, fanning the water also stealing Hikari algae pellets from my RCS and CRS. Quite comical.
I'm just shocked, and to tell you the truth a little dismayed, that' you're hosting a .WMV file on a Linux box. I expected more out of you CL. :p

j/k dude. Cool vid :)
I am interested in the bigger version. those giant African filter shrimp but I am worried about killing one. Shrimp don't work out for me too well.
Interesting, do you have a link?
I don't know a place where I can host the videos for free, do you know of such a place? If you do, i'll be more than happy to post them.
Sorry, not really sure, mayb youtube?. Like Solstice said, I am hosting it all on my own computer. yeah, I know with the WMV I should be ashamed lol... I just figured its the most universaly accepted format, and has decent performance/compression. I did a few in divx and mpg4 but there is something wrong with my crappy encoding software and they dont work right.
I found a site. You have to excuse my crappy video skills. I'm using my digital camera while holding up a magnifiying glass to my lense while filming. Here's the link if anyone wants to check it out:

RCS, CRS eating lunch:
Click here to watch RCSCRSmovie

Atyopsis Moluccensis Perched:
Click here to watch asian-filter-shrimp

This file hosting site isn't the best, sometimes when first viewing the video it's all white, just hit stop and click play again, this time it'll work.
I dig the Atyopsis Moluccensis vid :proud:
I dig the Atyopsis Moluccensis vid :proud:
Mine or crazy loaches? or both :)

Sorry mine is a little shaky, like I said, i was filming while holding a magnifying glass up to the lens of my camera.
Nice videos guys! cydrics where a little shaky but I understand now... I couldn't ever do that!

Sorry mine is a little shaky, like I said, i was filming while holding a magnifying glass up to the lens of my camera.
Good lookin shrimp there. I wish I could keep some of the smaller shrimp species but I am pushing it with a 3" Atyopsis Moluccensis with clown loaches. You were filming thorugh a magnifying glass? Interesting. Shakiness probably is worse at higher magnification, I shoot mostly at zero zoom, well that and if I zoom very much I cant focus within a foot. Does your magnifying glass trick get around the focus issue?
Filming my Atyopsis Moluccensis is easier than my dwarf shrimp since she's a lot bigger than them. I use the magnifiying glass everytime I film because my camera only zooms in 4X and it gets extremely blurry when I do zoom in without using the magnifiying glass.
Using a magnifiying glass is definitely an advantage in my eyes since the digi camera i own was only a $140.00 camera. It's a Canon Powershot A530.
Cool, and you dont have any focusing problems with the magnifying glass? Does it then extend your focal range when using this? I dont think I could even zoom 4X without blowing my minimum focus out past a couple feet. BTW I use a powershot S1 IS. Its only a 3MP but does a nice job.
Of course I run into problems with focusing on certain objects. Say I want to try and focus on a CRS in the back of my tank that is on my driftwood, my regular focus on my camera can't capture the shrimp clearly, even when I put my magnifiying glass up to my lens and try adjusting the lens along with the magnifiying glass I still can't get a focus. I noticed I can only capture semi decent pictures of my fish/shrimp if they're in the midground of my tank or closer. If they're in the back, forget it.

I bring my magnifiying glass everywhere I go now just so I can capture whatever it is I want to capture with my camera because it only helps when I'm trying to get a closeup of something. I bought one of those square magnifiying glasses at Walmart for around...4 bucks? I think. I like them more than the concave circular ones but i'm sure those are fine for people too.
What was that plants he was sitting on in the end. I like it XD

What plants do you keep in your shrimp tank as Im looking on adding some more to my cherry tank?
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