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This is an established aquarium from the spring of 2012 potted with Miracle Gro Organic Potting Soil capped with sand and Fluorite. The tank was initially lit with a T5HOx2 39watt Glo canopy and no co2 or ferts. The algae (obviously) established itself some time ago. Planted are several Amazon Swords, a couple variations of what I think are some sort of Ludwigia, three "Lucky Bamboo" stems, Java moss and a Dwarf Water Lilly.

Inhabitants are 10 adult Tiger Barbs, three Corydoras, one SAE and one CAE. As well as two apple snails, several Rams-horn snails and a substrate full of MTS.

Three weeks ago I added pressurized c02 and began EI dosing. The photoperiod is 6 hours, 12pm to 6pm.

When I added the c02, I massively cut back my Swords which were coated in the algae. I scraped the glass and cleaned what I could to try and rid myself of it but it's still on everything.

Photo of BEFORE cleaning and pruning.

Photo of AFTER cleaning and pruning.

You can see it's a huge improvement but there is still algae on many of the remaining Sword stems, the driftwood and moss.

I'd hoped the reduced photo period, the c02 and the ferts would allow the plants to really take over and outgrow the algae, but this is tonight. Not much change, more algae and more plants. I have no idea what to do to stop this spread. I can't pull plants because I'm planted in a dirt substrate.

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